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Spring is just around the corner! Finally blankets are coming off and your horse has rediscovered his favorite mud puddles. Countless hours of grooming later you notice your horse still doesn't have the glossy coat he once had and areas of very crusty and flaky skin have appeared. Its still too cold for baths, so what do you do? Check out the article below, which contains tips on identifying and treating those pesky skin conditions, and then read about our Featured Item of the Month: Zephyr's Garden Anti-Fungal Spray and Salve. This stuff is the best and we are so confident you and your horse will also love it that we included a special offer.


Happy Spring!

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Featured Product

Both the spray and salve are all-natural microbial blends of powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs plus essential oils designed to fight common equine skin conditions. Perfect for all skin fungal/ bacterial infections and can be used as a Rainrot preventative. The spray dries clear and does not leave a residue, contains coat conditioners and is gentle on the skin. These products do not contain any harsh chemicals, dyes, or artificial preservatives. All Zephyr's Garden products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. The Anti-Fungal Spray is a liquid, oil-free version of the award winning Anti-Fungal Salve.

Scratches, Rainrot, and Other Equine Skin Conditions
By the Editors of EQUUS Magazine
First appeared in EQUUS Issue #424


Winter can be rough on your horse's skin. Moisture from rain and snow encourages bacteria and other pathogens to grow. And thick winter coats---plus layers of blankets---can allow conditions to go unnoticed for days or even weeks as they worsen. Treating established skin problems can be difficult when bathing isn't an option. Your best bet for keeping your horse's skin in good shape this winter is watching out for the conditions most likely to develop so you can begin treatment as early as possible.

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Save 15%
Buy the Zephyr's Garden Anti-Fungal Spray (16oz)
AND the Anti-Fungal Salve (4oz) and as a gift to you we will give you 15% off the price of both items.
 Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must have coupon to receive discount on items.
Offer Expires: April 15th, 2013
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Courtney has been an Anytime Tack Sales Associate since 2009, and is the Demo Ride Program Coordinator. When she's not at the tack shop she enjoys teaching lessons and training horses at her barn.

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