Courtney Swars

Courtney Swars

Courtney has been an Anytime Tack Sales Associate since 2009, and is the Demo Ride Program Coordinator. When she's not at the tack shop she enjoys teaching lessons and training horses at her barn.

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Keeping Your Horse Happy in the Winter Months

With Maryland temperatures reaching record lows and more snow days than we've seen in many years past, finding the motivation to leave your warm house to go out and work your horse can be hard to find. I will admit, on the frigid Polar Vortex days, I went to the barn only to check if Picasso (Pig/ Pigpig) was warm enough in his blanket, and after ensuring a toasty pony, I promptly fed him a treat and hightailed it back to my still warm car to escape the blistering cold. This time of year should be spent keeping your horse fit and active, but with this cold snap, I thought to myself "What is worse, not riding Pig or riding him when it's super cold?" So I decided to look up the facts and get some tips on how to ensure that I was doing all could to keep Picasso comfortable and working even in the extreme temperatures.


Magnet Therapy for your Horse


Magnet therapy is used in both human and animal medicine. It offers an attractive alternative to using drugs, and can be less expensive in the long run than feeding your horse supplements.

The question is, does magnet therapy work? And if so, what kind of problems is it best suited for? Magnet therapy essentially comes in two forms: static magnets and electromagnetic fields. Here’s a rundown of each type. But first, read up on magnet therapy products, uses, and cautions.


March Newsletter

Spring is just around the corner! Finally blankets are coming off and your horse has rediscovered his favorite mud puddles. Countless hours of grooming later you notice your horse still doesn't have the glossy coat he once had and areas of very crusty and flaky skin have appeared. Its still too cold for baths, so what do you do? Check out the article below, which contains tips on identifying and treating those pesky skin conditions, and then read about our Featured Item of the Month: Zephyr's Garden Anti-Fungal Spray and Salve. This stuff is the best and we are so confident you and your horse will also love it that we included a special offer.


Tack Cleaning Tips

Protect your investment. A little maintenance can go a long way to keep your tack in good condition.

By Leslie Potter
Photos By Lesley Ward
Tack should be cleaned on a regular basis
Pay special attention to parts of tack that are subjected to a lot of wear, such as stirrup leathers.

Riders put their tack through a lot of abuse. The dirt, sweat and horse slobber that saddles and bridles are subjected to in their daily use can break down the leather and stitching over time. While few riders have the time to give their tack a thorough cleaning after every ride, it's important to make sure you don't let the dirt get out of hand.

Leather cleaners and conditioners are available at most department stores, auto parts stores and of course, your favorite tack shop. Read on to learn about the ingredients that go into most cleaners and conditioners.

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